Stern hints at NBA-less Christmas without deal soon


Stern hints at NBA-less Christmas without deal soon

Having the first two weeks of the NBA season wiped out is one thing.

But now Christmas games, too?

NBA commissioner David Stern told WFAN-AM that unless a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is nailed down soon, look for more cancellations next week.

Next week, the NBA and the players union will meet with a George Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Cohen was brought in to help bring about an end to the NFL's lockout several weeks before the two sides came to terms on a new CBA.

There's no way to tell if Cohen's impact will bring about a similar result with the NBA.

After meeting with the mediator, Stern said he would meet with the players union on Tuesday with his owners in town for meetings Wednesday and Thursday.

Stern is hoping to be able to have at least the framework for a new deal to present to his owners this week, well aware that time to salvage this season is running out.

"We will have lost two weeks for sure on our way to losing more games," Stern said. "Offers will get worse, possibly on both sides, and the deal's going to slip away from us, as may the season. So this is the time to make a deal."