Spears: Rondo had no interest in playing in Sacramento

Spears: Rondo had no interest in playing in Sacramento
February 20, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Marc Spears says he thinks Rajon Rondo will eventually be moved to another team.

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports joined Arbella Early Edition after the trade deadline came and went with the Celtics keeping Rajon Rondo and everybody else on their roster.

Spears said a rumor earlier this season about Rondo going to Sacramento in a deal that included Ben McLemore was a lot of smoke but no fire. Rondo wasn't about to play in Sacramento.

"Well that was something that was talked about a while ago," Spears said. "I was told that Rondo had no interest in playing in Sacramento at all. You know when you're talking about him, you have to talk about re-signing him. If you're not going to re-sign him, then it's done. That basically killed it right there. There was some interest with the Celtics calling about McLemore. The Celtics like McLemore, but the Kings like McLemore, too."

Should the Celtics have moved Rondo at the deadline?

"I'm with [Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge]," Spears said. "Rondo's a very popular player. You should wait to see what his top value is and that's with him being healthy. I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until next season. Everything I've heard is they've said, 'Hey if you want him bad enough, make your best offer.' "

Bottom line: Does Rondo, eligible for free agency after next season, stay in Boston long-term?

"I think he'll be gone," Spears said. "Hey, the Knicks are drooling for him. They're desperate to do something to make Carmelo Anthony happy and want to stay there. I can see Rajon excited about playing in New York, especially the way he loves fashion, it's a big city, playing with Carmelo. Once he shows he's healthy the rest of the season, his stock will be higher and let's see what happens draft night."