Which Winter Olympics sports would Celtics play?

Which Winter Olympics sports would Celtics play?
February 13, 2014, 9:00 am
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BOSTON - With the All-Star break officially here for the Boston Celtics, the players will catch a flight out of Boston and get away from the day-to-day NBA grind.

Some are going home, while others are going some place south - Bermuda, Bahamas, you know the rest . . .

No, none of them will be heading to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics. But that didn't stop them from playing the "what if" game. Let's say that these guys weren't basketball players, but instead, Olympic athletes playing in Sochi. Which sports would we see them in?

The answers varied, but one player on the Celtics could kinda, sorta, maybe-but-not-completely, see himself lacing up the ice skates - no, not hockey . . . figure skating.

"It's kinda weird," Kris Humphries started, "I don't know if I'd want to play it, but I grew up watching figure skating with my mom. So it's pretty impressive, I don't think I could ever do that, but I've got a lot of respect for them. I grew up with the Tonya Harding, Tonya Tapper that whole deal. So I'm waiting for some action in that sport, and it hasn't come in a while."

Seeing a 6-foot-10 human being on skates isn't completely outlandish. After all, Zdeno Chara does it. But then seeing that 6-foot-10 person pull off a flawless triple Salchow? Now that would get the Russian judge out of her seat.

And it looks like the door has been left open by Shaun White for any USA snowboarders. Enter Rajon Rondo, who after thinking about it for a bit, chose snowboarding - although he's not sure whether half pipe or slopestyle. Regardless, he's impressed by what he's seen out there.

"Maybe snowboarding," he said. "[Which event] depends. I don't know how fast they're going, that's the scary part. You got to be pretty crazy to do that. But I think it's fun. It's something I've never even watched, but this year I've watched a lot of the winter sports and it's very unique. What those guys do - I'm sure they may look at us the same way - but what those guys do you can't duplicate or go out there and try on your own. It's something they're professionals at and they're very good at it."

Asked if he thought he could do well in curling, Rondo said, "I wouldn't win, but I'd compete."

Other members of the Celtics played along, too, and Rondo wasn't the only one who went with snowboarding.

Jared Sullinger and Jeff Green both chose the half pipe, while Joel Anthony went with slopestyle.

"I'd be on the half pipe," Sullinger said. "As scary as it sounds, I'd do that."

Like Anthony, Kelly Olynyk is from Canada. He knows that when it comes to sports Canada is about one thing and one thing only.

"I think it would definitely be hockey," Olynyk said. "Olympic hockey in Canada is through the roof, it's the biggest thing ever. Snowboarding would be fun too, because I snowboarded growing up. I love snowboarding."

As for Jerryd Bayless, a particular movie comes to mind when he thinks about the Winter Olympics.

"Bobsledding team. Just because of 'Cool Runnings' when I was younger," he said. "That's the only reason."