So what do you think? Is Rondo pranking Tanguay?

So what do you think? Is Rondo pranking Tanguay?
June 5, 2014, 4:30 pm
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Perhaps Rajon Rondo is seeking revenge against me. I'd like to think he's an avid watcher of Arbella’s Early Edition -- weeknights at 6:30 on CSNNE -- and therefore would be aware of my disappointment with his inconsistent play, but I doubt that's the case. Regardless, let’s just pump up my ego and say it is.

What a perfect to plan to get at me for all of those nasty things I have said about his game:

“He over dribbles and uses up too much of the 24-second clock.”

“He is not captain material.”

“He is not a max contract player.”

So, Rondo says to himself with an evil grin, “HMMMMM. Tanguay. I’m going to get you!”

First, he sets up the Kevin Love photo opp at Fenway Park. He hadn’t talked to Love before that day' he just hacked into Love's itinerary and saw “Fenway Park 2:00pm,” on the calendar. Scratch that. He had his assistant hack into Love’s assistant’s itinerary to find out they would be at the game.

Then Rondo drops Carmelo Anthony’s name during a press conference. “This will get Tanguay to bite hard," he thought. And chomp away I did.

Then, after his appearance on Good Morning America, he says on Instagram that “big changes” were coming for the Celtics in the offseason.

After seeing this, I'm all geeked up. “It’s done,” I cry from kitchen table.

We've been talking about it all week. Good people like you cannot get enough of the Love and Carmelo talk on  And I actually believe Rondo is pulling all the strings to get Love and Carmelo to Boston. He's doing for the Celtics what Dwayne Wade did for Miami when LeBron and Bosh joined the beach band.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe, in the end, Rondo may be looking me to hook me, reel me in hard, and then let me die from lack of oxygen on the dock.

Nahhh.  While I would like to think otherwise, I’m not worth the trouble.