Simmons: Celts have better future than Lakers, but . . .

Simmons: Celts have better future than Lakers, but . . .
February 22, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Friday night's Celtics-Lakers game -- featuring two teams with, generously, a zero percent chance of winning a championship this year (and a not-much-better chance of winning a playoff round, or even making the playoffs) -- was not your father's Celtics-Lakers game, that's for sure. Or even your older siblings'.

So, Bill Simmons: Who's going to get back on their feet first? The Celtics or Lakers?

"Oh, I think, long-term, the Celtics," said the former Boston Sports Guy and current ESPN star, who served as color commentator on Friday night's Comcast SportsNet broadcast of the game. "[They have] 10 [first-round draft picks] in the next five years. They got [Rajon] Rondo; now, either you keep Rondo or you trade him for picks. [Jared] Sullinger is better than any asset the Lakers have . . ."

But before you get too giddy:

"The difference [with] the Lakers [is], it's L.A., warm weather. Athletes love living here. You know, the Celtics have always had trouble luring free agents. The Lakers have never had trouble luring anybody.

"I would say the Celtics, on paper, have a better chance. But people love playing here."