Shaq misses shootaround, will not play tonight


Shaq misses shootaround, will not play tonight

By A. Sherrod Blakely

WALTHAM The long-awaited return of Shaquille O'Neal?

It looks like it won't be tonight.

A team official told that O'Neal did not participate in the team's closed walkthrough this morning. While it's still possible for him to suit up against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, it seems unlikely.

For O'Neal, this will be the 22nd straight game that he'll be out with some type of right leg injury.

Based on the opponent, tonight would have been an ideal time for the 39-year-old center to return to action.

Memphis comes into tonight's game as the NBA's leader in points in the paint (50.9) per game.

To the Celtics credit, even without O'Neal they have made it difficult for teams to score around the basket, which can be seen in the fact that the C's give up an NBA-low 35.8 points in the paint.

The Celtics remain optimistic that he will be back playing, sooner rather than later.

O'Neal accompanied the team during their recent three-game road trip, but did not play in any of the games.

Prior to Boston's first game of the trip at Houston, O'Neal told reporters he was hopeful that he would be able to play at some point this week.

As far as where he's at in his recovery, O'Neal said it's difficult to get a read on because the Celtics have a lot of games and not a lot of practice time in between.

"I haven't been able to simulate game-type situations yet," he said. "You can only do so much by yourself. The true test is when I get out there with the guys and banging and pushing and off balance and all that. We'll see from there."

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Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

On Wednesday, 👀aiah Thomas was up to his old tricks, sending out a cryptic tweet containing only the hourglass emoji. 

This followed Thomas’ infamous Monday night tweet of the eyes emoji, the same tweet he had sent just prior to the Celtics signing Al Horford in free agency.

Like Monday’s tweet, the internet dug into what the hourglass could mean, with a leading theory pointing out that the logo on Paul George’s new sneakers resembles a sideways hour glass. Or Thomas could completely be messing with us. 

Side-note, by the way: Basketball Twitter has it all over the other sports' Twitters. Football and baseball Twitter are generally lame because of years spent by the respective leagues with sharing video. Hockey Twitter is great but can be insufferable. Basketball Twitter rocks, though. The jokes are the best, the memes are the best, the people are the best. Plus Woj is there. Love that guy. 

Anyway, the point is that, yes, reading into what emojis grown men are sending out is a waste of time, but we’re talking about Twitter, which essentially has three purposes: reporting, freaking out about Trump and wasting time. 

Most people on Twitter are not reporters. Not all of them freak out about Trump. Wasting time is allowed by all, so really what’s the difference between tweeting emoji theories and sports fans giving you their takes on how teams to whom they have no connections will think? It’s all garbage. At least the emojis are cute. 

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