Second place sucks, so I have no love for Love

Second place sucks, so I have no love for Love
May 20, 2014, 4:00 pm
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When it comes to the Boston Celtics, I'm all about championships. I don’t care about fourth place, third place or second place. The Celtic uniform means one thing: first place. And in order to get to the top you have to take risks . . . which is what I'm willing to do if the Celtics are lucky enough to get a top-three pick in tonight’s lottery.

There is no way in the name of Red Auerbach I'm trading a chance to get Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker for Kevin Love. And my reason is simple: one of those three could bring an NBA championship to Boston when LeBron is put out to pasture. Notice, I said could. There are no guarantees. The NBA draft is the biggest crap shoot in sports, but it's the only way to build a champion.

Kevin Love would make the Celtics ah, hmm, ohh, say Washington. Washington? #@$%&* that. I would rather be Milwaukee again and go back in the lottery than fight the Wizards for fourth place in the conference.  As a Celtic fan, I feel anything less than a title is last place. Go ahead, be pacified by Kevin Love. Oh, boy, we made it to the second round this year!  Sorry, but if you're a true Celtic fan like myself -- one that grew up with Hondo, Cowens and White, and went to college with Bird, Max, McHale and Parish, and worked with Pierce, KG and Ray -- there's no way you can be satisfied with Kevin Love.

Sure, Danny Ainge is a very good GM who could bring in some pieces around Love. But the reality is, the Celtics will need a wing player who's better than Love in order for this team to win another banner. The only way to do that is with a lottery pick. If you think a free agent of that caliber is coming here instead of New York, Miami, Los Angeles or Dallas, you need to slow down on the Black and Tans, my shamrock-minded friend. 

Let Kevin Love go to Golden State. I want one of this lottery’s big three. And I am willing to risk one of them flaming out as opposed to being “competitive” with Love.