The scene from Celtics draft HQ

The scene from Celtics draft HQ
June 26, 2014, 5:15 pm
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The event Celtics fans have been waiting for all season and into the offseason is finally here. SportsNet Central's Kyle Draper and Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely set the scene from the Celtics' NBA Draft Party at the TD Garden on Thursday night.

Rumors abound but Blakely reports that the C's have been pretty quiet in the early going on Draft Day.

"They're locked in at [pick numbers] 6 and 17," Blakely said. "But once it begins, anything and everything should be expected. The Celtics' mind is on updgrading this roster sooner rather than later."

Draper asked Blakely if he thought Celtics team president Danny Ainge was OK with standing pat with picks 6 and 17.

"No, he's not OK with that," Blakely said. "He's going to try to get as much as he can out of this draft. Everyone who has examined this draft has said that it may not have that superstar, but you've got about 10 or 15 guys who will probably be in the league for a really long time and be productive. I know the Celtics are trying to get at least one pick in the second round because they've had a lot of success there and found some gems."

If Kansas big man Joel Embiid slips to No. 6 following his foot surgery, will the Celtics take him?

Yes, says Blakely: "If he's there at 6, you can't let him walk."

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck promised fireworks this offseason. Any coming tonight?

"Maybe some sparks," Blakely said. "I think you can find them at 6 and 17. I think a lot of their assets become more valuable as you get into free agency."