Ryan: What happened in '07 was 'quasi-miracle'

Ryan: What happened in '07 was 'quasi-miracle'
May 23, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Bob Ryan says fans should forget Danny Ainge being able to copy what he did to form the 2008 NBA champions.

Longtime Boston Globe columnist and Celtics observer Bob Ryan joined WEEI's Kirk Minihane and Lou Merlon on Arbella Early Edition and said you can forget about Kevin Love coming to Boston now that the Celtics have the No. 6 pick in the draft.

"There's no possiblity," Ryan said. "It ended for me the minute they dropped out of the [number] three or four [pick in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday night]."

Ryan also said fans should stop expecting another Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen kind of deal out of team president Danny Ainge. He said that was a "quasi-miracle" in 2007.

"What happened seven years ago was a quasi-miracle that Danny pulled off," Ryan said. "That set in motion the forces for a championship [in 2008]."

Ryan said to look for a slower rebuild.

"What were they? 25 wins [in 2014]. Then go to 40," he said.

As far as the sixth pick in this draft, Ryan said two names stand out to him, noted "rim-protectors" Aaron Gordon of Arizona and Noah Vonleh of Indiana, who is from Haverhill, Mass.