Ryan: Is Rondo worth all the trouble?

Ryan: Is Rondo worth all the trouble?
February 27, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Bob Ryan gives his take on whether Rajon Rondo's on-the-court skill is enough to offset his off-the-court issues.

The Great Rajon Rondo Birthday controversy is the first big off-the-court test for rookie NBA coach Brad Stevens. Boston Globe columnist and veteran Celtics watcher Bob Ryan thinks Stevens is passing that test.

"I think he's demonstrated he's learned the art of being extremely careful and saying just enough but not everything in his answer," Ryan told Gary Tanguay on Arbella Early Edition.

"We are talking about Rajon Rondo," Ryan said. "I don't know if Brad Stevens has allowed himself to believe that he had figured out Rondo. If he did believe that, then he now knows that he hasn't. Rajon Rondo will never let anybody in. He wants to be in control of the situation. He wants to let everyone know who's boss...Now, Brad Stevens has a fuller picture [of Rondo], if not a complete one, which may never have."

The enigma that is Rondo frustrated his former coach Doc Rivers, Ryan pointed out.

"The whole thing with Doc didn't know which one you were going to get and when the other Rondo would show up," Ryan said.

So, is the talent worth all the other stuff?

"That is the question they have to answer for themselves," Ryan said of the Celtics. "He's not Chris Paul because he's not a scorer and distributor. He's not Derrick Rose at his best. He's a distributor first and a weirdly efficient scorer, when he wants to be."