Rondo returns to face Knicks


Rondo returns to face Knicks

BOSTON Rajon Rondo, who has missed the last eight games due to a right wrist injury, will make his return tonight against the New York Knicks.

Rondo completed his pre-game shooting routine, and went back to the locker room to have the medical staff take one more look at the wrist before being cleared.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers confirmed that Rondo will start tonight.

"He's playing," Rivers said.

As far as how much he'll play, Rivers was going to play that by ear.

"I don't know. Go by how he's playing, really," Rivers said. "Your eyes will tell you. Hopefully we'll make the right choice."

Rivers said earlier this week that Rondo's return would most likely be tonight.

In the past few days, Rondo has increased the amount of basketball-related work in the hopes that he would return to the court soon.

Rivers said Rondo has done some one-on-one and two-on-two work.

"It's just different when you haven't played competitive," Rivers said.

Rondo's return not only bolsters the Celtics lineup, but it also makes it more likely that, if asked, he'll accept an invitation to play in the All-Star game in Orlando later this month.

Rondo told on Tuesday that, if selected by the coaches as an All-Star reserve, he would not play if he couldn't get a few regular season games in in advance.

"If they (coaches) select me and I don't play until Feb. 22 or games before that, there's no way I'm playing in the all-star game," Rondo told

Rondo understands his body better than most, which is why he doesn't necessarily expect to pick up where he left off prior to the injury.

"Regardless when I come back, it's not like I'm going to come back 100 percent," Rondo said. "I'm just trying to get as close as whenever I can function. If that's 50 percent, then I'll be back. Right now, I can't function."

Report: Celtics 'expected' to talk to Mavs about deal for Bogut

Report: Celtics 'expected' to talk to Mavs about deal for Bogut

The Celtics reportedly are "expected" to talk to the Mavericks about a deal for Andrew Bogut, according to, but negotiations would be "dependent on what bigger move Boston can make".


Bogut, 32, is in the final year of his contract. The 7-foot center, while healthy, has played in only 26 games this year and is averaging just three points a game. But he's also averaging 8.3 rebounds in 22.4 minutes, and rebounding has been one of the Celtics' big areas of weakness this year. The C's rank 27th in the league in reboundinh, and 26th in defensive rebounding.

According to, the Mavs would part with Bogut for Tyler Zeller and one of Boston's first-round draft choices.


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