Rivers moves up the ranks of Celtics coaches


Rivers moves up the ranks of Celtics coaches

By A. Sherrod Blakely

BOSTON We often talk about the milestones reached by Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, as well as a host of Boston Celtics veterans.

Well, their head coach, Doc Rivers, is in some pretty rare company these days.

With Wednesday's 119-95 win over the Sacramento Kings, Rivers passed K.C. Jones on the Celtics' all-time coaching win list. He now has 309 victories.

Rivers trails Comcast SportsNet analyst Tommy Heinsohn (427) and Celtics great Red Auerbach (910).

Rivers acknowledged he hadn't given the achievement much thought until asked about it following Wednesday's victory.

"I don't know what it means, honestly," Rivers said when asked about being the third-winningest coach in franchise history. "I just don't know what it means yet, because I'm not thinking about it much; I'm not done. But it's nice."

Rivers has the Celtics once again in the hunt for an NBA title with a 29-9 record.

But Rivers, in his seventh season as the C's coach, knows all too well who to credit with his long run in Boston.

"It's Danny Ainge at the end of the day," said Rivers, referring to the Celtics' president of basketball operations.

After finishing first in the Atlantic Division in his first season with the Celtics in 2005, the team got progressively worse record-wise the following two seasons before bottoming out at 24-58 during 2006-07.

There were many who wanted Rivers out.

But Ainge wasn't one of them.

"We were bad for two years and he stuck with me," Rivers said. "And Ainge believed in me."

Following the 2006-07 season, the Celtics made a draft-day trade for Ray Allen. A couple months later, they traded for Kevin Garnett.

From there, the C's have maintained a spot among the NBA's elite that already earned them an NBA title in 2008.

So as much as Rivers will get the praise and credit for winning more games than all but two coaches in franchise history, he understands how fortunate he was to be given an opportunity to do so with one of the most storied franchises in NBA history.

"At the end of the day," Rivers said, "it's Danny Ainge more than me."

As far as making a run at the top spot, Rivers has given that some thought.

"That ain't gonna happen," he said. "I can guarantee you that!"

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Ainge: Adding players 'sometimes messes up your chemistry’

Ainge: Adding players 'sometimes messes up your chemistry’

With the NBA trade deadline in the rear view mirror, the Celtics will have to turn to the buyout market if they are looking to make changes to their roster.

Talking to CSN Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely, Danny Ainge explained why signing players who have  been bought out can be a risky move for a team like the Celtics.

“We’ll weigh each guy that comes on the market and see if that can be a boost to our team,” explained Ainge. “At the same time, I like our team. Bringing in new players sometimes messes up your whole chemistry, and it shifts somebody into a different role that they’re not accustomed to doing. You better know what you’re getting.

“We brought in Michael Finley, Sam Cassell. . . PJ Brown turned out to be a very good asset to us. Most of the time it sort of disrupts things. At the end of the year you go, ‘wow, we probably shouldn’t have done that.’ Even though on paper it looked like a great acquisition, it wasn’t as good as everyone thought it would be.”

Isaiah Thomas 'didn’t mean to shake the internet' with emojis

Isaiah Thomas 'didn’t mean to shake the internet' with emojis

BOSTON --  Isaiah Thomas has been a major draw on the floor most of this season which is what you expect from a 5-foot-9 guard who is a two-time All-Star.

And while his game is usually what sets him apart, it was a pair of social media messages that sent the NBA world abuzz with what many thought was a coded message regarding a Boston Celtics trade.

As it turned out, the Celtics decided to stand pat at the trade deadline with a roster that’s getting healthier. But that didn’t address what many were wondering.

What was up with those emoji eyeballs, something Thomas had not tweeted since last summer around the time Boston landed Al Horford.

Thomas wasn’t trying to pass along any free agent clue or anything of the like, he said.

“I was watching a TV show,” Thomas said.

He also posted one of an hour glass.

“Time is ticking man,” Thomas said.

Thomas had no idea that what he thought was a seemingly harmless tweet, would generate so much attention and speculation afterwards about the Celtics who were once again square and center in the trade rumor mill.

“I didn’t (know) until I did it and then I realized the whole world was talking,” said Thomas, grinning after the team’s first practice following the all-star break on Wednesday. “I didn’t mean to shake the internet like that. I didn’t mean to do that to y’all.”