Rivers concerned about Celtics' rhythm after blizzard canceled practice

Rivers concerned about Celtics' rhythm after blizzard canceled practice
February 10, 2013, 11:00 pm
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BOSTON Doc Rivers' son Jeremiah was in town and had never been in a snow blizzard before, so Doc thought it would be a good idea to give him a taste of what one is like.

"We walked about a half a block," Doc Rivers said, "and he wanted to turn around. That was disappointing."

Just as disappointing was the weather's impact on the Celtics' game plan for tonight's matchup with Denver.

Having played back-to-back games on Wednesday and Thursday, Rivers had planned on giving his players Friday off and resuming practice on Saturday.

However, weather conditions prevented the team from practicing on Saturday and it has created a sense of uncertainty for Rivers as to how his team will respond.

"We tried everything we could yesterday (to practice), even into the evening," Rivers said. "Our (director of security), Mr. Phil Lynch, thought it would be very dangerous which he was right -- I hate to say that. So I'm very concerned."

Rivers even gave serious thought to having practice this morning, which is unusual to have on game nights that have an earlier start.

"It's just tough with two days off," Rivers said. "And what concerned me more was Denver played last night (at Cleveland). You knew they would come in with rhythm. But it's nothing you could have done about it."

The one change Boston did make was they arrived at the TD Garden earlier than usual for their pre-game walk-thru.

"I don't know what that does, but it makes me feel better," Rivers said.