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Pressure mounts on both sides as Game 6 looms


Pressure mounts on both sides as Game 6 looms

WALTHAM As you listen to talk radio or flip through sports stations on the tube, you'll hear it. If there is talk about the Eastern Conference finals, there is talk about the pressure on the Miami Heat.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers isn't buying that.

"We're trying to win, too," Rivers said. "I don't really prescribe to that theory, one team has more pressure than the other team. We want to win just like them."

Throughout this series -- throughout the playoffs really -- the C's have frequently replaced potentially pressure-packed situations with poise, which speaks to what Heat coach Erik Spoelstra used to describe the Celtics recently.

"They have championship DNA," Spoelstra said after Miami's Game 5 loss. "They have what we're trying to get."

Having spent some time as a member of the media, Rivers understands all too well why there's so much talk about the Heat and pressure.

It's a sexy story line, one that Miami made all the more juicy when they dropped Game 5 to Boston at home in what may be remembered in South Beach as "The Other Decision" -- the one in which Spoelstra opted to keep Chris Bosh on the bench for the entire fourth quarter.

Regardless of what some might believe, the pressure to win intensifies for both teams the deeper they get into the series, the closer they come to the brink of elimination -- or in the case of the Celtics, bringing home Banner 18.

"Our sense of urgency, I think, at times may be greater than theirs," Rivers said. "If not, the same. They are put under pressure maybe because of the urgency to get this right with this group. We're put under pressure because our window is closing."

Woj: Celtics yet to make Cleveland an offer for Kyrie Irving

Woj: Celtics yet to make Cleveland an offer for Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving -- described by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski as "the most unique player to reach the trade market in years" -- has drawn the interest of about 20 teams, according to a report by Wojnarowski. And, yes, the Celtics are one of them.

A. SHERROD BLAKELY: Celtics should resist temptation to trade for Irving

But just how interested remains to be seen.

According to Woj:

The Celtics are monitoring, but it's unclear how aggressive they'll get -- and how motivated the Cavaliers would be to make a deal with their fiercest conference rival.

They are not one of the six teams that have already made trade offers to Cleveland; according to Wojnarowski, those six are the Spurs, Clippers, Suns, Timberwolves, Knicks and Heat. He says the Cavs "want a package that resembles the 2011 Denver Nuggets-New York Knicks deal for Carmelo Anthony -- young players, win-now veterans and draft picks, league sources said."

And, of course, the Celtics are one of the few teams with all those assets:

Several suitors contend there are two teams with the best ability to make deals for Irving: the Suns and Boston Celtics.

As for the moment, the Celtics appear to be keeping their powder dry.

But stay tuned,