Postcard from Celtics camp: Day 3

Postcard from Celtics camp: Day 3
October 3, 2013, 6:15 pm
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NEWPORT, R.I. — It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Fatigue finally came to the forefront of the Celtics' practices on Thursday, their final day at Salve Regina University.

"It's part of the game," said C's guard Courtney Lee. "You go three days doing two-a-days, one of those practices is going to catch up to you."

Players are battling both physical and mental fatigue as they try absorb all they can that coach Brad Stevens is teaching, while at the same competing for playing time.

And while the unusually warm fall temperatures have certainly been enjoyed by many, one of the downsides was the gym also being hotter than usual this week.

"Yesterday the gym was hot in here so people lost a lot of fluids," Lee said. "Today, they got about six fans in here so they're trying to cool the gym off."

But there's a downside to that as well.

"Once you cool off and while he's explaining something, you get stiff and you try to go back in ... it's tough," Lee added.

Keith Bogans, the elder statesman of the team at 33, has seen this before which is why it isn't the least bit alarming or unsettling.

 "Nothing is going to get you in shape better than getting out here and playing basketball at this level," Bogans said. "You can't play pick-up ball with guys from the gym. You have to play with other [NBA] players."

Here are a few more sights and sounds from the C's final day at Salve Regina University:

Courtney Lee is used to having a birthday celebration in training camp which usually involves cake and of course, the rookies singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

He said this year's birthday song stood out from the rest.

"That was the best one by far," he said. "I had about five or six rookies over there, two-stepping while they were singing to me."