Pietrus rebounds from spill


Pietrus rebounds from spill

BOSTON -- After taking a hard spill on his back Thursday night against the Orlando Magic, Mickael Pietrus bounced back less than 24 hour later to score 13 points against the Indiana Pacers.

Not only did Pietrus play, he started in place of Ray Allen (ankle) and stayed on the court for 33 minutes.

I felt pretty good, Pietrus said following the Celtics 94-87 win. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your team. Weve been playing extremely well right now so weve been playing Celtics basketball. Thats how I knew how the Celtics play from the opposing team so tonight Im very happy.

To further note how good he felt, Pietrus leaned back, Its not bad.

Pietrus shot 5-for-13 from the field and added a pair of three-pointers.

The swingman also got involved in a tense moment late in the third quarter when he was called for a Flagrant 1 Foul and a technical foul for taunting. Pietrus preferred to talk about the win.

To me, that to me wasnt even like a flagrant, he said. He was trying to go to the basket and Im just trying to foul him and they try to make a big deal out of it. Its just a foul. I got fouled before like that, so I didnt say anything. I got my fine and I move on, so I dont know why he did try to make a big deal of a small thing.

"But Im glad we got the win and thats the important, come back strong on Sunday and keep it going.