One more flagrant foul means suspension for Sullinger

One more flagrant foul means suspension for Sullinger
January 8, 2014, 9:45 pm
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The flagrant foul-o-meter for Jared Sullinger is nearing its breaking point, where one more will land him at least a one-game suspension.

It creates the potential for arguably the Celtics' best around-the-basket player to be a little more hesitant when it comes to dishing out hard fouls to prevent lay-ups.

However, Celtics coach Brad Stevens doesn't believe Sullinger's flagrant foul status will impact his aggression on the floor.

"He's a good basketball player," said Stevens who added that he did talk with Sullinger briefly Wednesday about the flagrant foul situation. "He's made some mistakes in some circumstances. But that won't change how effective he is at one end of the floor or another."

In his second season, Sullinger is the youngest player ranked among the league's top 10 in flagrant foul points.

Stevens admits that Sullinger may be developing the reputation of delivering hard fouls that go a bit too far.

One of Sullinger's teammates, Gerald Wallace, is pleased with the fact that he's playing with someone whose not allowing teams to just sashay into the lane for lay-ups.

"He's the only big that's willing to take a hard foul and not give up a layup," Wallace said after Boston's blowout loss at Denver on Tuesday night. "I'll take that all day. When I play, we're getting hammered going to the hole. We shouldn't allow those other guys to just come in and lay it up and dunk on us. So, I applaud him for that. You want to get a reputation as a hard-nosed player, you gotta keep it going. Eventually, you gotta see it's not intentional... He's playing. He's playing hard in the paint. That's what bigs do. A lot of bigs do that. Hopefully it turns around for him."

Added Stevens: "That's something you address and you move forward. He's a young guy. He can change his reputation in a positive manner with continued play."