Olynyk turning out to be among best of 2013 draft

Olynyk turning out to be among best of 2013 draft
February 15, 2014, 1:00 am
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The 2013 NBA Draft class doesn't have a lot to brag about. 

Anthony Bennett for example, the Cavaliers' first overall selection, has one of the lowest player efficiency ratings in the entire league. 

Yet somehow, the Celtics managed to find a diamond in that rough. 

They found Kelly Olynyk. 

In his first season in the league, the Celtics' 13th overall selection is proving he has what it takes to play in the NBA. 

Olynyk is second among rookies with 4.7 rebounds per game and tied for seventh with 6.9 points per game. He's tied for fourth among rookies with double-doubles (he has two and they've come in his last two games. 

"At the start I had to analyze stuff a lot and now it’s coming a little more natural," says Olynyk.

His coach has noticed an improvement as well. 

"He’s got a really good feel for the game," says Brad Stevens. "Defensively I think he’s been more aggressive to the ball."

The majority of the NBA may not be impressed with what they got in the 2013 Draft, but the Celtics have to be happy with their guy.