No suspension for Garnett following Phoenix incident


No suspension for Garnett following Phoenix incident

By A. Sherrod Blakely

LOS ANGELES It's bad enough the Boston Celtics have played so many games with players out because of injuries.

The last thing they need is to add a suspended player to list of reasons for being short-handed.

Boston won't have to worry about that, at least not for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Celtics will have their emotional catalyst, Kevin Garnett, available following his ejection in the fourth quarter of Friday's 88-71 loss at Phoenix.

There was some concern that he might be suspended for Sunday's game due to the incident between him and Channing Frye that led to him picking up two technical fouls which is an automatic ejection.

Tim Frank, the NBA's senior vice president of basketball communications, said late Saturday night that the only technical fouls that were still under review by the league involved Celtics head coach Doc Rivers who was ejected in the second quarter of the loss.

With 4:07 to play in the game, Frye was fouled by Garnett while attempting a 3-pointer.

Following the release of the shot, Garnett struck Frye in his groin region.

Frye soon fell to the floor, but rose to his feet just as quickly.

The two got in each other's faces before players and the game officials intervened.

Play was stopped while the officials converged at the scorer's table to view the replay.

After the review, lead official Steve Javie - he had already tossed out Rivers in the second quarter - called Garnett for two technicals, while Frye, Boston's Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson, were each charged with one technical foul for their roles in the incident.

"I just didn't think it was an appropriate play to make," Frye told reporters after the game. "I don't want to make a bigger deal than it is. The league will take care of that."

Following the loss, Rivers didn't believe the punishment handed out to Garnett was right.

"I thought Channing Frye was the instigator," Rivers said. "Kevin didn't jump in Channing's face. I thought Channing Frye jumped in Kevin's face. I don't know how we get a throw-out on that."

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