No Celtics make 1st, 2nd, or 3rd All-NBA Team


No Celtics make 1st, 2nd, or 3rd All-NBA Team

By Jessica Camerato

The All-NBA Teams were announced on Thursday afternoon and for the second consecutive season, no members of the Boston Celtics were voted to either the First, Second, or Third Teams.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James received the most points (595) and was the only player to receive unanimous First Team voting. The First Team also included Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose (593), Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard (593), Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (551), and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (492).

Players named to the All-NBA Second Team were Dallas Mavericks Forward Dirk Nowitzki (437), Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (392), Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol (259), New York Knicks center Amare Stoudemire (258), and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (184).

Rounding out the All-NBA Third Team were New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul (157), Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge (135), San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili (106), Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph (67), and Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford (62).

Rajon Rondo received 68 points, more than Randolph and Horford, but less than other players at his position. Paul Pierce received 55 points, Kevin Garnett received 22, and Ray Allen received 1. Former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins received 3 points and was listed as Boston-Oklahoma City on the voting results.

While none of the Celtics were named to All-NBA Teams this season, their total points in voting increased from last season Rondo (47), Pierce (6), Garnett (1).

This seasons All-NBA teams were voted on by 119 sportswriters and broadcasters in the United States and Canada. First, Second, and Third Team votes were awarded on a 5-point, 3-point, 1-point scale and were voted on by position.

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Thomsen: 'Andre Drummond is the dark horse' in Celtics trade rumors

Thomsen: 'Andre Drummond is the dark horse' in Celtics trade rumors

Ian Thomsen adds his thoughts on potential Celtics trade rumors and who he believes the C's need to target before the trade deadline.

Lowe: Wouldn't be shocked if C's move Bradley

Lowe: Wouldn't be shocked if C's move Bradley

Zach Lowe’s most recent podcast is worth a listen, as it features plenty of talk about what the Celtics may or may not due ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline. 

Lowe brought up the possibility of the Celtics top-1 or top-2-protecting Brooklyn’s first-round pick and including it in a deal for Butler. He surmises that the inclusion of the Brooklyn pick -- protected or not -- might not come until the final minutes. 

“Look, if Butler gets traded or if Paul George gets traded, that’s when it’s going to happen,” Marc Stein responded. “It’s going to happen in the last five to 10 minutes, so Boston has to make a decision, and let's see if they’re doing the math that they’ve had these assets for a while and it is time to do something bold and the time is now. Really, I think Boston will do it. The question is what will Chicago or Indiana do? And those are two hard reads.” 

Stein spoke to the Celtics’ lack of activity at certain points, but he said that if the C’s do fail to come away with a star player Thursday, it won’t be for lack of aggressiveness. 


“I think the Celtics are taking criticism for waiting, and they’ve had all these assets they haven’t moved yet, but I think the record shows that Danny Ainge in general, in total, is very aggressive, not afraid to roll the dice, not afraid to make the aggressive move,” Stein said. “So I have less doubt about Boston saying, ‘Let’s just do it.’ I have far more questions about what Chicago and/or Indiana would do.” 

Lowe said that he imagines the Bulls would “think about” trading the C's Butler if Boston threw in the Nets’ pick unprotected, but added that Chicago would demand to also take two players out of Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. 

“I think that will be the offer and they’ll get there and Chicago will either have a moment where they say, ‘We walk away or we’ll do it.’ And Boston’s not going to throw in the other Nets pick,” Lowe said. “That’s just not going to happen.”

Rating the aforementioned foursome in terms of trade value, Lowe said that Crowder is the best piece because of his “ridiculously good” contract, followed by Brown, Smart and Bradley. 

Lowe added that he considers Bradley one of the “sneaky interesting pieces at this trade deadline” because his contract is up after next season, which is the same time that Isaiah Thomas’ contract expires. Lowe says that given the uncertainty of his future in Boston, he wouldn’t be overly surprised if Bradley is moved at the deadline.