New Celtics experience 'Gino' for the first time


New Celtics experience 'Gino' for the first time

By JessicaCamerato

BOSTON -- They didnt go over this in practice. There was no mention of it in the playbooks, either.

On Sunday night, the newcomers on the Boston Celtics got a crash course in Gino Time.

Closing in on a 31-point victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, the American Bandstand video -- which has become a Celtics tradition to commemorate blowout wins -- hit the Jumbotron.

As always, Kevin Garnett raised his fist and danced in celebration as the man wearing a Gino Vanelli t-shirt danced on the screen. Only this time, Garnett was alone for the most part.

The newly acquired Celtics had never experienced Gino before, at least not on the winning end.

Im going to give them an introduction, Garnett said after the 87-56 victory. Weve got to have a couple more blowouts. Gino only comes out only one way -- yall know the way Im talking about. So the more convincing wins we get here, the more Ill have better material to teach them.

See how the Celtics newcomers reacted to their first Gino experience:

Troy Murphy: For the first time in Murphys career, the sight of Gino meant his team would not be in trouble after the game. Ive been on a lot of Gino experiences before, just on the other end, so its good to be on this end of it tonight, he told Its really not good as an opponent. You know youre going to have a long practice the next day and youre going to watch some film and the coach is going to be cursing, so its not good.

Carlos Arroyo: Mention of Gino was news to Arroyo after the game. He was so zoned in on hearing Rivers timeout talk that he was unaware of the party atmosphere going on around him. Gino? I had no idea about the Gino thing, he told But this is good, right? I didnt see KG dancing -- I was focused.

Jeff Green: A fan wearing a Gino t-shirt informed him of the significance of the video. It was cool. I didnt get a chance to see the whole thing because Doc Rivers was drawing up something, but it was good to be on the winning end of that and not seeing it on the opposite side of the court, he said. It feels good. Im glad we finally got one under our belt. I think thats something that we needed to continue our pursuit to make the push to keep this number one seed.

Nenad Krstic: Krstic, who admitted he liked disco music, did not know about the meaning of Gino, or even watch the video. No, Ive never seen it, he said. Guess thats good for him, considering hes never been on the losing end of it either.

Sasha Pavlovic: The victory celebration gave Pavlovic a deeper sense of appreciation for being a member of the Celtics. Ive seen him before. Ive seen him when weve played against you guys in the playoffs, he told Its fun, its unbelievable. I love it, I love it. It was just a great experience for me and guys are great. Im just enjoying it now.

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Danny Ainge says Lonzo Ball has declined pre-draft workout with Celtics

Danny Ainge says Lonzo Ball has declined pre-draft workout with Celtics

BOSTON -- Like most NBA executives, Danny Ainge loves to get as much intel on players before picking them as he can.  
And with the No. 1 overall pick, Ainge knows he has to do all he can to absolutely get this one right.
That’s why any thoughts he had of drafting Lonzo Ball are likely out the window after the talented UCLA guard refused to work out for the Celtics.
“We tried to get him in for a workout and he politely said no,” Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, said on 98.5 the Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show.
Lonzo Ball’s desire (or his dad Lavar Ball’s desire; hard to say who in the Ball camp wants him in L.A. the most) to play for the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the worst-kept secrets leading up to next month’s NBA draft.
And with the Lakers holding the No. 2 pick in the draft, turning down the Celtics only increases the likelihood of  Boston passing on him and instead drafting University of Washington star Markelle Fultz.
“It’s not ideal,” Ainge said of Ball's decision to decline working out for Boston. “Listen, we’ve drafted guys that wouldn’t come in for workouts before. It’s not the end of the world. We’ve watched them play a ton. We have a lot of information on them. Sometimes players don’t want to come in, not because they don’t like you, they see our roster. They think they would prefer to go to another team.”
The Celtics, like most teams, have been mum publicly as to who they would take in the draft. But all indications at this point in the process are pointing towards them selecting Fultz with the top overall selection.
And the fact that Ball, the projected number two pick even before the draft lottery order was established, refuses to work out for Boston will only increase the likelihood that Fultz will be a Celtic and Ball and his camp will get their wish which has always been to don a Los Angeles Lakers jersey.

Celtics-Cavaliers preview: Game 5 is about respect for Boston

Celtics-Cavaliers preview: Game 5 is about respect for Boston

BOSTON – From the outset of this season, the Boston Celtics were swimming upstream when it came to getting respect. 

No matter how many wins they racked up, no matter how many upsets they managed to pull off, they were never going to do enough to satisfy the court of public opinion which wanted one thing and one thing only from the NBA: A third installment of Golden State against Cleveland in the NBA Finals. 

The Warriors did their part by running through the West with 12 wins in as many playoff games. 

Meanwhile, the Celtics will try to not just stave off elimination tonight, but continue to delay what so many believe is an inevitable Golden State-Cleveland Final.

Boston’s Al Horford understands that while the league this season has seen lots of individual success as well as teams that have overachieved, the thirst for Golden State versus Cleveland remains stronger than ever. 

“We understand that’s what everyone has been talking about since the beginning of the season,” Horford said. “For us it’s just to focus … and play the Celtic way. And just come out here and fight and we’ll take it from there.”

The Celtics did that in Game 3 with Avery Bradley delivering one of the more memorable shots in the Brad Stevens era, a game-winning three-pointer that hit the rim four times before falling with 0.1 seconds to play as Boston squeaked out a 111-108 win.

Boston did a lot of good things in Game 4 and seemingly went into the half sensing that maybe just maybe they would even up the series at two games heading back to Boston for tonight’s Game 5 matchup. 

But Kyrie Irving picked up the slack for a foul-plagued LeBron James, lifting the Cavaliers to a 112-99 win which puts them now just a win away from advancing to the NBA Finals. 

Not only have folks both in the media as well as fans who have rooted for this series to be over, even merchandise sellers like Dick Sporting Goods have anticipated this series as already being over.

“It is what it is,” said Boston’s Jae Crowder. “It’s been like that all year; a lot of guys counting us out. At the same time, we’re trying to put ourselves in position to win each and every game.”

While that has been the goal, it certainly hasn’t worked out that way in this series. 

Despite Games 1 and 2 being at the TD Garden, the Celtics lost both games by a total of 57 points. 

And while they won Game 3 and had the Cavaliers on the ropes in Game 4 before losing, they know their chance to play NBA Finals spoiler is just about up. 

“We know that’s the Finals that everybody wants to talk about, what everybody is looking forward to,” said Boston’s Marcus Smart. “We understand it. But we work just as hard as these guys. We just have to keep going out there and working. We’re not going to give it to them, and stuff like that. We just have to make it tough on them.”