NBA players' resolve beginning to crack


NBA players' resolve beginning to crack

Derek Fisher.

Billy Hunter.

JaVale McGee?

You don't expect to hear McGee's name mentioned among the voices speaking out on behalf of the NBA players' union.

After what he said on Friday, you can understand why.

The players union met for more than three hours in a Beverly Hills hotel. McGee apparently had to leave early.

On his way out, he dropped these pearls of wisdom - or wickedly foolish talk if you ask some of his NBA brethren.

"Definitely some guys in there saying that they are ready to fold," McGee said. "But it's some guys that - the majority - are ready to stand strong."

McGee's comments regarding some players being "ready to fold" took on a life of its own, primarily because it was the first time a player had spoken publicly about players wanting to give into the owner's demands during one of their regional meetings.

As you might expect, McGee's comments were quickly struck down by those who usually speak on behalf of the union and its members.

"The person that spent the least amount of time in the room, can't make that statement," said Derek Fisher, president of the NBA players union. "He's in no position to make that statement on behalf of the group. as I said earlier, it's obviously fair in negotiations of this magnitude, that we're going to have guys that have different opinions because we have guys in different positions."

Blake Griffin out until late November?

Blake Griffin out until late November?

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