NBA official: Garnett expletive everything up


NBA official: Garnett expletive everything up

Someone had to have known this wouldn't go well. Apparently, on Oct. 4, Kevin Garnett went into the negotiating room and set back NBA labor discussions with his aggressive attitude.

Never saw that coming, did you, Billy Hunter?

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the two sides were making progress earlier this month until the Celtics' emotional leader brought his on-the-court intensity to the bargaining table.

From Yahoo!:
This fight has grown nastier, more personal, in the past weeks. Privately, management insists that everything changed when the Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett walked into the negotiating room on Oct. 4. The owners knew it wouldnt go well when Garnett started glowering across the table, sources said, like the league lawyers, owners and officials were opponents at the center jump. He was defiant, determined and downright ornery. He was K.G. Everyone knew Hunter had to cede to the wishes of the stars, and the stars demanded that the players stop making concessions to the owners.As one league official said, We were making progress, until Garnett expletive everything up.

Wojnarowski notes that, though Garnett's menacing stare may have been a bit much, superstar players like Garnett need to be involved in the negotiations. After all, when the league finally does resume play, it will be players who put fans back in the seats.

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Twitter reacts to Isaiah Thomas' cryptic eyeball emoji tweet

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And that was enough to spark trade speculation and jokes -- lots of jokes.

With New England on edge following the DeMarcus Cousins trade, Boston fans and many members of the media responded on twitter.

They reacted to Thomas' tweet featuring eyeball emoji with thoughts a trade for Jimmy Butler may be in store.

Be sure to check out all the hilarious tweets below.

There was the rational approach.

The playful response.

The not-so rational response.

And perhaps the most important tweet from Celtics assistant general manager Mike Zarren