MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: Brad Stevens

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: Brad Stevens
March 13, 2014, 8:15 pm
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Celtics coach Brad Stevens is no recent convert to the sports analytics movement. He told SportsNet Central's Bob Neumeier at the Recent MIT Sloan Conference that he remembers being a fan back when it was called "math."

"I think my whole life [I've been interested in it]," Stevens said. "As [current Chicago Bulls coach and ex-Celtics assistant] Tom Thibodeau said in our [NBA] coaches meeting, 'The whole term analytics used to be called stats. Before that numbers and before that, math. That's the way I'm wired."

Stevens said when he began coaching, he sought out things that give his team an edge.

"When I startred coaching, I was poring over something that might make your team a little bit better," he said. "There's so much information. There's certain things you go through in the course of the year that you know you're going to get consistently that really do apply every game. Then there's certain things you say. 'Hey, I'm really curious but we have a game in 12 hours and two more in 3 days, so you put an asterisk by it and say next time I get a day, I'm going to look at it or put someone else on it.' ...That's the difference between college and the pros, there's so much information to work with."

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