Minihane sets Tanguay straight on Rondo 'tanking'

Minihane sets Tanguay straight on Rondo 'tanking'
January 31, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Gary Tanguay and Kirk Minihane have a history of, shall we say, disagreeing. 

In a segment dubbed "Minihane's House of Corrections", Minihane takes Tanguay to task for suggesting that Rajon Rondo is intentionally 'tanking' as part of an agreement with Danny Ainge to help the Celtics secure a better draft pick. 

"You are claiming that Rondo and Ainge have this ‘wink wink’ conspiracy deal to lose basketball games," says Minihane.

"I don’t even think it’s a wink," says Tanguay. "I just think it goes unsaid."

Minihane says it makes no sense. If the Celtics were in fact trying to lose games, Rondo wouldn't even be playing. 

"Danny knows that they need to lose games," says Tanguay.

The Celtics currently sit at 15-33, having lost four in a row and 19 of their last 22.