Minhane: 'Not the world's biggest fan' of Asik

Minhane: 'Not the world's biggest fan' of Asik
December 19, 2013, 6:30 am
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On "Uno's Sports Tonight", WEEI's Kirk Minihane weighs in on the Celtics potential acquistion of big man Omer Asik from the Houston Rockets.

I'm okay with him," Minihane said. "I'm not the world's biggest fan. I disagree that makes them better now. He's a decent part. If you like him, you keep him."

Co-host Gary Tanguay said Asik would be a piece of a bigger puzzle. He argued it would give the Celtics a defensive presence but would only work if point guard Rajon Rondo is dealt eventually as part of a bigger rebuild.

"They haven't had a defensive presence since Perk [center Kendrick Perkins] left," Tanguay said. "He's here for down the road. You make the deal and you trade Rondo."

Minihane said that with just the Asik deal: "Best case-scenario, fingers crossed you make the Eastern Conference Finals. I've been to Garden there's no banner's for that."