Milicic (wrist) out for preseason game vs. Sixers


Milicic (wrist) out for preseason game vs. Sixers

BOSTON -- The Boston Celtics continue to be cautious with Darko Milicic and will keep him out of tonight's game against Philadelphia.

Milicic has a right wrist injury that has kept him out of Boston's last three preseason games.

"So close to the season, they don't want to take any chances," Milicic told

While his preseason may be over, Milicic is able to participate in what will be like a second mini-camp this week with plenty of time for practice before their season opener at Miami on Oct. 30.

"We want to make sure I am good to play then," Milicic said.

Although Milicic's role was unclear at the start of training camp, the 7-footer has played his way into the regular rotation as a backup to Kevin Garnett at center. His value becomes even greater with Chris Wilcox (back) out indefinitely.

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

On Wednesday, 👀aiah Thomas was up to his old tricks, sending out a cryptic tweet containing only the hourglass emoji. 

This followed Thomas’ infamous Monday night tweet of the eyes emoji, the same tweet he had sent just prior to the Celtics signing Al Horford in free agency.

Like Monday’s tweet, the internet dug into what the hourglass could mean, with a leading theory pointing out that the logo on Paul George’s new sneakers resembles a sideways hour glass. Or Thomas could completely be messing with us. 

Side-note, by the way: Basketball Twitter has it all over the other sports' Twitters. Football and baseball Twitter are generally lame because of years spent by the respective leagues with sharing video. Hockey Twitter is great but can be insufferable. Basketball Twitter rocks, though. The jokes are the best, the memes are the best, the people are the best. Plus Woj is there. Love that guy. 

Anyway, the point is that, yes, reading into what emojis grown men are sending out is a waste of time, but we’re talking about Twitter, which essentially has three purposes: reporting, freaking out about Trump and wasting time. 

Most people on Twitter are not reporters. Not all of them freak out about Trump. Wasting time is allowed by all, so really what’s the difference between tweeting emoji theories and sports fans giving you their takes on how teams to whom they have no connections will think? It’s all garbage. At least the emojis are cute. 

Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move


Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move

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