Mike Gorman live chat transcript

Mike Gorman live chat transcript
August 14, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Mike Gorman, voice of the Celtics on Comcast SportsNet, joined csnne.com for a live chat Thursday afternoon. Here's the transcript:

(Moderator): Mike- You there and ready to go?
MG: all set

Question from Sam: Was there ever really a chance that Danny was going to be able to trade for Kevin Love?
MG: I think the C's made very effort to get Kevin Love….just not sure there was ever a package Danny could put together that would satisfy the T-Wolves

Question from Lil Jerry: I know we haven't seen him play a game yet, but I am really excited for Marcus Smart. Love his toughness. I think having a guy that is not going to let others on the floor "float" (see: Jeff Green, Evan Turner) is going to be a big plus. Do you think a rookie can legitimately be a team leader?
MG: Definitely through his actions if not his words ….. this Celtic team was in need of toughness and that now have it in Smart
Thursday August 14, 2014 1:02

Question from Kellen:How concerned do you think Danny and Brad Stevens are with how Rondo is going to react/mentor Marcus Smart? Are you concerned?
MG: No...it is in Rajon's best interests to be the leader of this team and I think he will accept that role and all that goes with it.

Question from Filippo Ferraioli: What does Scal's comeback bring to the table for Celtics commentator crew? #CelticsTalk
MG: A fresh, young voice. Scal is also one of the most knowledgeable x and o guys I know….I look forward to incorporating that into our broadcasts….and he has a terrific sense of humor.

Question from Jonah B: Lots of redundancy on the roster Mike...how do you see the regular rotation shaking out? What players are going to be the odd men out?
MG: I think everybody starts with a blank slate and if somebody is not getting minutes as the season rolls on they just need to look in the mirror to understand why….Brad wants to play an uptempo offensive and defensive game…there will be plenty of minutes to go around

Question from Declan: Who are your Top 4 teams in each conference?
MG: In the East I think Cleveland and Chicago are heard and shoulders above the rest….San Antonio…OK City…Houston…and the Clippers appear to be the best in the West on paper.

Question from Adam Mayfield: Hey Mike, obviously the roster could change more before season's start, but as of now, who is your favorite new addidtion? #CelticsTalk
Mike Gorman: I'm intrigued with Marcus Smart…. you don't find many players in the NBA who want to defend above all else….Marcus can be a game changer on that end of the floor and I think he will fast become a fan favorite in Boston…He and Avery Bradley are going to give opposing guards fits.

Question from Costa: How many wins do you think Boston Celtics will get this season?
MG: 30-35

Question from Alex: Talking about Rondo, do you think Rajon will still be a Celtic after the trade deadline?
MG: I think that will depend upon the first 3 and 1/2 months of the season….I'm a Rondo guy so I hope the answer to your question is yes.

Question from Carter: Have you heard anything on what type of condition Sullinger is in? This could be a big year for him to either cement himself as a building block, or boost his trade value to acquire an All-Star type player..
MG: Have not seen Sully during the off season but the last time I spoke with him he understood what he had to do in the off season…i.e. lose weight.

Question from Matt: Mike, do you think Wyc is regretting the "fireworks in the offseason" comment?
MG: No...I believe the Celtics made every effort to get better quickly but it takes two to make a trade and GMs today seem reluctant to make big deals…job security I suppose…there are not many chance takers like Danny around

Question from B: What's Rondo's relationship with Stevens
MG: Appears to be very good...Rajon knows the game really well and Brad appreciates that.

Question from VPSK7: Why did Danny not go after Monroe? Is there a chance of Hibbert trade?
MG: Not sure about Monroe...I go back and forth on him…anything is possible but my guess would be Hibbert stays out in Indy.

Question from Murph617: I know you are going to have to rip the microphone from Tommy's clutches when it is time to retire. Do you have an idea in your head of how much longer you want to do play by play?
MG: Nobody will be ripping the mic from Tommy….he remains unique amongst color analysts…..I want to stick around till banner 18…that parade was a lot of fun.

Question from Rachel: Mike, when I hear your and Tommy's voices during the first preseason game each fall, I get all giddy, because it means the Celtics are back. How do you and Tommy keep the repartee fresh after all these years?
MG: Thanks...We genuinely like each other and respect what each other's role is on the broadcast…we also both like to laugh and try to bring that to the table every night.

Question from tvon: Mike, what do you think KG will end up doing this year? Retire or play?
MG: my guess is retire but that's a lot on money to leave on the table.

Question from Mark: Is Rondo a Celtic in 2016?
MG: Selfishly I hope so…he gives me some terrific moments to call

Question from Steve: Mike, you are a master at your craft. What do you think about advertisements on jerseys?
MG: Thanks...The ads on uniforms are inevitable…soccer…golf and nascar fans don't seem to mind…and the NBA is forever looking for new revenue sources

Question from Nate: I know that some feel that Sullinger is just a future trade-piece. But, if he averages a double-double this year, isnt he worth keeping? I mean who else are they really doing to get? Anthony Davis would be a great pick up when he is available-I would trade Sully for him!!
MG: Anthony Davis could be the next great player in our game… he is going to take a lot more the Sully to trade for… that said double double guys are hard to find…I'm hoping Jared is around for awhile.

Question from Steve C.: Why not go after a guy like Larry Sanders to fill the void at the 5? We have the right assets and the Celtics have never had an "athletic" Center in decades... maybe centuries...
MG: Sanders has had some off court issues that may keep teams away….you're right though…he brings a high degree of athleticism to the position

Question from Mark: How much easier will this season be for you having a set color man on the road in Scal as opposed to all the different sidekicks from last year? Will we still hear any of those people like PJ, Jackie, or Bill Simmons this year?
MG: I look forward to settling in with Tommy and Scal on a regular basis….I loved working with everybody last year but being able to develop a rhythm takes time with the same person…it wasn't fair to all of my partners to be one and done.

Question from Michele Pulcini: Is there a chance for these Celtics to be better than "just a rebuilding team"?
MG: There is a chance...Brad has a year under his belt...Rajon and Avery are healthy...Smart will contribute right away…and many consider Young one of the steals of the draft… a good start would be a big help.

Question from VPSK7: Is Avery overpaid (injuries)? Would SGs Avery / Smart of 6'3" size be too small and easy for other teams?

MG: I'm a big fan of AB...always have been...I think he got what he deserved and will prove to be a great signing long term….believe me Marcus Smart is not too small for any game...His tenacity along with his size make him anything but easy for the opposition to deal with

Question from Adam: What do you think the ceiling is for Tyler Zeller? Who could he be comparable to?
MG: Haven't seen enough of him to give you a good answer….do know that running the floor is one of the strengths of his game and he should be a good fit with a healthy Rondo.

Question from Matt: Does Evan Turner have a chance to be a valuable player this year? Also, how do we figure out playing time with 4 guards that are seemingly interchangeable for 2 spots on the floor?
MG: Turner has been something of an enigma his enter career but is a good gamble for the C's at this point in the rebuilding process…..if they play the uptempo game Brad wants to play...there will be time enough for everybody

Question from tvon: If PP or KG plan to retire, think the C's will make good on getting them to retire in a Celtic uniform?
MG: I think the Celtics will figure out a way to make something like that happen

Question from Wes Wynter: Mike, Every year since 17, I foresee the Celts playing in the finals for 18. Now, I know that's as much Celtic Pride as it is wishful thinking, but the green in my blood refuses to let me think otherwise... do you still feel the Celtic Pride around the new Rondo era we've entered?
MG: The Celtics played to something like 97% of capacity last year and in the final home games of the season the whole building was rooting for them to win even though it may have cost them a chance for a better lottery position…I think Celtic Pride is alive and well.
Thursday August 14, 2014 1:40

Question from John Pino: Do you think with the team Danny put together this summer. Will we be in the top 8 in East?
MG: That might be a stretch but right now I would encourage fans to hope for the team to be playing meaningful games in late March and April

Question from zed: Any name the Celtics are/you think are targetting?
MG: Anybody who can make them better

Question from Rachel: Speaking of Paul and KG, one year later, where do you stand on that trade? We seem to have "won" if you simply look at the players/picks, but shipping Paul out will never sit well with me.
MG: Know what you mean about PP...One of my favorite all time players and guys…but this is a business and clearly Danny made a shrewd move

Comment from Jared Carson on Facebook: There are guys on this team that in the right system and right playing time can turn into stars, and some guys who are in their 2nd and 3rd yeah who have the potential to take their game to the next level... all I'm saying is please give this team a chance to prove me wrong.. stop buying into the NBA lie of having to tank for 5 years to draft the next big thing in order to get better.... many times that never works.. ask the Clippers.
MG: Agree with you on potential...and this team NEVER tanked last year

Question from barryO1600: Hey Mike! Huge fan! This is going to sound really negative and pessimistic, but if you look at the Celtics roster, and then other teams around the league, I am not sure there would be any that the other team would switch with you. Agree?

MG: Would have to sit down and study before answering that...but on first blush I don't want the Knicks roster...nor the Magic...nor the Kings...and I think you have to add in upcoming draft picks when considering a roster

Comment from Steve: Mike, thank you very much for all the work you do in calling Celtic games, you're a knowledgeable guy and you keep me at ease on the most miserable nights. I would like to personally thank you, you are a noble man. Thank you sir.

MG: You made my day...Thank you

Question from Jared: Hey Mike- with so many 2 guards, who do you think will be the odd man out?
MG: Again, if the Celtics play the uptempo game that I know Brad wants to implement it will not be a big problem...It's a long year and depth usually proves to be your friend.

(Moderator): That will wrap it up, folks. Thank you and thanks so much for joining us, Mike. Look for more live chats this season at csnne.com,
MG: Thanks to everyone who took the time...Look forward to the end of October!