Merloni: Rondo is not a leader

Merloni: Rondo is not a leader
February 27, 2014, 1:45 am
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Birthday-gate is the topic on Sports Tonight as co-hosts Michael Felger and Lou Merloni, and Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, discuss Rajon Rondo's absence from the Celtics - reportedly to celebrate his birthday in Los Angeles while the team played in Sacramento.

"Basically it's pretty obvious, Brad Stevens told him, 'No, you don't have permission to stay in Los Angeles' and Rajon Rondo went ahead and stayed in Los Angeles," Felger said. "Open insubordination."

Said Borges: "I don't think it's a big a thing as it's being made because these days are used to this."

Felger countered with: "Would [Kevin] Garnett have done it?"

"Good question," Borges said. "Probably not."

Merloni questioned why coach Brad Stevens and team president Danny Ainge had made Rondo the team captain when he returned from injury this season.

"Putting the C on his jersey? It's not you're the best player so you're the captain. That went out in high school," Merloni said. "He's not a leader. If you're a leader, when you lose that's when you lead. Maybe I blame them for making him a captain in the first place."