A medical opinion on Embiid's surgery, recovery

A medical opinion on Embiid's surgery, recovery
June 21, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Joel Embiid likely went from No. 1 pick to somewhere down the draft board after the former Kansas big man had surgery to insert two screws in the navicular bone of his right foot to help heal a stress fracture.

On SportsNet Central, local orthopedist Dr. Sean Rockett of Newton Wellesley Hospital talked about the procedure and the recovery time:

"You always are concerned anytime somebody develops a stress fracture. Can they develop another one in the same area or another area?" Rockett said. "That's always a concern, especially for someone of his size [7 feet] and the pounding that he's going to be putting on the area."

Rocket said the reported recovery time of 4-6 months is accurate.

"I'd say months to heal," he said. "He won't be ready to go right away."