Media Day Predictions


Media Day Predictions

Unfortunately, I wont be at Celtics Media Day tomorrow because of an out-of-town commitment, but I still want to pass along a few preemptive thoughtspredictions.

Here we go.

Get ready for Rajon Rondo to blow your mind.

Thats my stone cold lock for tomorrows event: Rondo will emerge as the king. Hell say all the right things. Hell display a level of confidence and comfort that youve never seen. Hell crack a few jokes, flash that maniacal smirk and have the world eating out of his alien hands.

This is the preseason of Rondo, folks. And hopefully it wont stop there.

Get ready for Jason Terry to make headlines.

Something to the effect of: Terry says Cs are team to beat in the East or Celtics new addition guarantees Banner 18, or Jason Terry unveils new forehead tattoo of Red Auerbach and Larry OBrien playing ping-pong.

Get ready for Paul Pierce to talk about getting old.

Kevin Garnett would rather invite Darko to live in his guest room than even mention that three letter word old. On the other hand, Pierce has embraced it. I guess that makes sense given the Captains personality and the fact that his game has always had a significant amount of old man in it (I mean that in the most flattering way possible), but whatever the reason, expect a few Im getting too old for this or these young guys jokes from the Truth.

Get ready for KG to blind you with analogy

Something along the lines of:

You know, we got a lot of new pieces this year. And we all know that coming together won't be easy. Its like building a ship, man. I dont know if any of yall know anything about building ships. If not, you can go ask your local captains about that. But you know, we gotta start with the barracks. Thats the dirty work right there, man. That takes some time. And to be completely honest, thats all we even worried about right now. Were not even thinking about sailing at this juncture. Period point blank.

Get ready for Jeff Green to be ready to prove everyone wrong.
Whether its Spring Training, NFL Training Camp or any professional preseason, theres always a reclamation story. A guy whos looking to put the past behind him and "silence the doubters. Granted, most of the time, that guy didnt just a sign a 36M contract, but such is life for Green. Hell be Media Day's feel good story, and the best-case scenario in all subsequent coverage.

Get ready to meet Courtney Lee

Everyone in Boston was and is excited about the addition of Lee, but I doubt half the fans have ever heard him speak, can pick him out of a line-up or are even that familiar with his game. Tomorrow, Celtics Nation finally gets to know the guy they've obsessed over for months.

Get ready for the rookies to talk about KG.

Fab, have you spoken to Kevin? Jared, how's it been with Kevin? Fab and Jared, have you been locked in a dark room and interrogated by Kevin?

This isn't a knock on the media. After all, we got all the introductory sound bites we needed from these guys during Summer League. What else is there to discuss?

From now until the start of the season, it's all about life at KG University where class is always in session.

Get ready for at least one potentially four or five replacement ref jokes from Doc.
He loves the NFL. He loves topical humor. Put the two together and hes bound to drop at least one reference to the referee lockout. And assuming he gets a laugh, no doubt he goes back to the well at least a few more times.

And most of all, get ready to have basketball back in your life.

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