Maxwell: Celtics will keep Rondo long-term

Maxwell: Celtics will keep Rondo long-term
February 20, 2014, 10:00 pm
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Cedric Maxwell says the Celtics could see more movement the night of the NBA Draft, but that probably won't include Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo isn't going anywhere. And Cedric Maxwell thinks the Celtics point guard will be staying put for a while.

After the NBA trading deadline passed on Thursday with the Celtics not dealing Rondo, or anyone else on their roster, Maxwell, the Celtics radio analyst,  said that while there might be more movement on draft night, June 26, don't look for Rondo to be packing his suitcase then.

"Can he attract other free agents, guys who want the basketball?" Maxwell asked on Arbella Early Edition. He then answered his own question.

"If you have one of the best point guards out there, who can distribue the basketball, maybe they'll be some guys who look at Rondo and say, 'Yeah I want to play with him,' " Maxwell said. "I think the Celtics will keep Rajon Rondo in the long-term and maybe even think about an extension."

As for draft night deals, Maxwell said that's when you'll see more trades.

"I think they'll be more movement," he said. "They'll know their position. The posturing will be done. You'll have a better opportunity, if you're Danny Ainge, to look at things in a whole way and really know where they're going to go."