Kris Humphries the next Design Star?

Kris Humphries the next Design Star?
April 4, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Kris Humphries is a man of many talents. 

Besides being a professional basketball player, he was also a talented swimmer.

But not many people know that Humphries is also an interior design enthusiast and a big fan of HGTV. 

As it turns out, HGTV's Taniya Nayak, who also appears on Food Network's Restaurant Impossible, has a restaurant in town - Back Bay Harry's. Nayak and Humphries also know a little something about reality TV. The two got together at Nayak's restaurant to talk everything from floor design and lighting to the NBA and competitive swimming.  

"So the big shocker of the day is that I hear Kris is a huge HGTV fan," says Nayak. "This is not something I ever expected in a hundred years so I’m very excited."

Nayak shows Humphries around her restaurant and explains some her design choices. Humphries explains his experience as a swimmer and professional basketball player. There's even a lighthearted moment when the two realize that no one likes to have their age stated incorrectly.

The two are an unlikely pair, but after an afternoon of wine and shop talk, the 5'3" Nayak and the 6'9" Humphries appear to be good friends. 

"I always see Kris Humphries as mega superstar basketball player," says Nayak, "and now to get to know you a little more and find out that you love design, and all of these things, it’s just very cool."

Humphries was so inspired by the visit that he seems to already working on a project for the offseason.  

"We’ve got to work on ideas for a show," says Humphries. "I’m going to hound you about it."

A '(Basketball) Court Crashers' show sounds like surefire a hit.