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Garnett rejoins Doc, Pierce as 'big-man consultant' with Clippers


Garnett rejoins Doc, Pierce as 'big-man consultant' with Clippers

Kevin Garnett has a nice little TV show in Area 21, but the future Hall of Fame forward is about to hop out of the studio to try his hand at coaching. Garnett will rejoin former Boston Celtics Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce as a big man coaching consultant with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Garnett, 40, should help bolster a Los Angeles front line that needs some help with Blake Griffin expected to be out until mid- to late-January.

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Report: LeBron James '100 percent leaving' Cavaliers after this season


Report: LeBron James '100 percent leaving' Cavaliers after this season

LeBron James' eventual departure from Cleveland for a second time has seemed inevitable for a while. A tweet from longtime basketball reporter Chris Sheridan Wednesday shouldn't make Cavs fans feel any better. 

Sheridan tweeted a quote from an NBA source saying that the 2017-18 season will definitely be James' last with the Cavs.

This news comes as the Cavaliers figure out what to do with Kyrie Irving, who requested a trade this summer. The Celtics are among the teams reportedly in talks with Cleveland about the 25-year-old point guard. 

James, who infamously bolted from Cleveland after the 2009-10 season to join the Heat, returned to the Cavs for the 2014-15 season. He has a player option for the 2018-19 season, meaning he can become a free agent next summer.

Brad Stevens plays Ms. Pac-Man every game day


Brad Stevens plays Ms. Pac-Man every game day

Did you know that it’s Ms. Pac-Man and not Mrs. Pac-Man? I didn’t. I thought they were married. Are they brother and sister? Is Pac-Man married to someone else? Does his spouse just stay out of the spotlight in one of those you-signed-up-to-be-famous-and-I-didn’t type of things? Does he or she want a video game? There should be a game called "Francine" or "Ned" or whatever Pac-Man's significant other's name is. Are Mario and Luigi brothers? Donkey Kong is a bad guy, but Diddy is a good kid, but then Donkey Kong is a good guy in other games. Is there a game where Donkey Kong changes his ways? How did we all just get over the kidnapping?

That is the main takeaway I have from this bit about Brad Stevens, who told the Indy Star that part of his daily routine is playing Ms. Pac-Man on an arcade machine his wife bought for him a few years back. 

From Andy Brown's piece: 

Among other miscellaneous interesting nuggets, Stevens revealed that "Ms. Pac-Man," of all things, is a staple of his game-day rituals. He said his wife, who was in attendance along with his parents and children, bought him an old 'pizza parlor machine' a few years ago, and he has been hooked ever since. 

'I play 'Ms. Pac-Man' for 10 to 15 games as a break between video,' Stevens said. 'And then I go on my jog, and go about my daily routine, but I make sure to get my 'Ms. Pac-Man' game in at home every single day. 10-15 minutes (of video games) isn't that bad, tell your parents you're good.'

Also, the piece had this picture of Stevens, courtesy of the Indianapolis News: