Kelly Olynyk's Digital Diary: Ready for Christmas

Kelly Olynyk's Digital Diary: Ready for Christmas
December 21, 2013, 10:15 am
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Hey Celtics fans,

Welcome back to my digital diary!

My first couple of months as an NBA player have been a lot of fun. I've seen a ton of cities, met a lot of good people and have had the chance to do some really cool stuff. I even had the opportunity to make sushi and a "Celtics roll" at New Ginza in Watertown.

It was a double double in my books! Good food. Good time.

Can't go wrong with that, eh?

About the only downside, was spraining my ankle. That alone kept me off the court for 10 games.

But I'm back to playing, and feeling a lot better now.

It's good to be back doing what I love to do, which is playing basketball and helping my team any way I can.

So for me, being back on the floor is something I'm definitely thankful for.

The same goes for my family who will be in town for Christmas.

But before they arrive, I had to spruce up my place a little bit so they would feel more at home.

And that meant going out and getting a Christmas tree.

So one night after practice and workouts I hit the store to do a little Christmas shopping, although this time instead of gifts, it was for decorations and the tree itself.

At the store I was constantly debating on colors, sizes and appearance of various decorations. Shopping by myself was tough because I had no second opinion! However, it was just my luck that one of my good friends from back home, Dallas Bogetti, had Face Timed me while at the store and helped give me some input and pick out nothing but the finest decorations. Had it been just me I don’t think the scheme would have gelled together quite the same.

However, before I went, I talked to my parents and they were asking about whether I had decorations and a tree. I said no, and no. After being slightly disappointed they “threatened” to bring a tree and decorations with them, as it was necessary for the holiday.

OK, for those who don't know I am from Kamloops, British Columbia which is far, far, far away from Boston.

They're traveling over 5,000 miles and two countries! Because of this it seemed a little ludicrous for them to pack and haul a whole tree, lights, and other decorations. So in turn I told them not to.

And if you were wondering yes, the tree that I bought is an artificial one (which is what we have back home). During the holidays as a kid, we were always busy or away with basketball and stuff so it was hard to get and take care of a real tree. Plus the clean-up can be kind of messy. Although I would like to try the natural route someday! I hear it brightens a room not only aesthetically but with the fresh smell of pine you can’t go wrong.

The tree I picked out comes with lights, so that's an added bonus. The cool thing about artificial trees is you can kind of make them look however you want, kind of like a Bonsai tree. Spruce it up (no pun intended), and do whatever you want to it.

As a kid, we used to love decorating the tree. It was a big event that usually happened on a Sunday a couple weeks before Christmas. One of the things we did was put candles on it. It's a German tradition on my mom's side of the family that they used to do when she was younger. When you light them all it creates quite the sight to see.

I wouldn't recommend every family put candles on their trees. It's probably not the safest thing to do. But if you do, have a fire extinguisher nearby and ready to deploy.

Luckily at our house, the tree never caught fire. Sometimes we would burn food in the kitchen, but have yet to burn down the tree.

As for my Christmas tree, I'm pretty sure my parents will critique it. It'll either be like, 'wow, you put up a tree!’ or the disappointed comment that they don’t just come out and say it looks bad but they definitely don’t compliment it, something like ‘well, you gave it your best effort I see.' ... now that I think about it, I didn't tell them I was putting up a tree or decorating at all. I just told them not to bring one. Maybe the surprise will add to the affect. My sisters? They'll critique my tree, too. And probably more harshly than my parents.

But I don't mind. That’s what family is there for, to keep you grounded and let you know you aren’t quite the interior designer you thought you were.

Presents and gifts are good, and being around friends is a lot of fun, but it's great being with family during the holidays. No matter what you get or give as presents, as long as you have food on the table and family around it makes for a great holiday.

Thanks for reading my latest diary entry.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy Holidays.
Stay Safe!

Go Celtics!