Jerry Thornton: I want this to define LeBron's career

Jerry Thornton: I want this to define LeBron's career
June 7, 2014, 11:30 am
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Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports is an unabashed LeBron hater. So, seeing King James leave NBA Finals Game 1 the other night with the cramps felt 'round the world was a pitch in his wheelhouse that he's not about to pass up.

"He was talking about extreme conditions. 88 degrees? I thought this rang a bell. In the Will Smith classic "Summertime", it's 88 degrees and he's going to the basketball court because that's where the girls are. Since when is that extreme?" Thornton tells Lou Merloni, Dalen Cuff and Rob "Hardy" Poole from 98.5 Sports Hub on Sports Tonight.

While the incident was the talk of the internet in the aftermath of Game 1, the panel agreed it's likely to be all but forgotten if the Heat win the series.

"All the more reason to pray that they don't," Thornton said. "I want this to define this guy's career. I was going to start checking his leg to see if there was a bone stikcing through. He had a minor owie and I thought they were going to rush him off in an ambulance. This is the LeBron James that I've known and hated all these years."