Heinsohn: Rondo will have big impact on Green

Heinsohn: Rondo will have big impact on Green
January 25, 2014, 10:00 pm
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When Rajon Rondo returned to the TD Garden floor last week against the Lakers, the fans erupted. 

There may have been one more person who was pumping his fist at Rondo's return - Jeff Green.

"I think Rondo can add another six-to-eight points to Green's scoring average," said Tommy Heinsohn. 

The Celtics have struggled to get Green the ball with any kind of consistency and Green's numbers have fluctuated as a result. 

"Green is probably the fastest quick forward in the NBA with size," said Heinsohn. "Rondo's the type of guy that will reward him if he runs." 

The Celtics relied heavily on Green during Rondo's absence, and were rewarded with glimpses of a player who can be downright dominant at times.  

"Green in the open court, there's nobody really that can stop him," said Heinsohn.

It will be interesting to see what Rondo's return does for Green's box score once Rondo's minutes begin to increase and the two players build their chemistry.