Heinsohn: Brad Stevens is "the one"

Heinsohn: Brad Stevens is "the one"
April 13, 2014, 1:15 am
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Kyle Draper and Tommy Heinsohn evaluate Brad Stevens' first year with the Celtics.

"Brad Stevens got his big toe in the tub, felt the hot water, and jumped in," says Heinsohn. "Right now I think he’s learned what pro basketball is all about. I think he’s a very astute basketball personality.

"He proved to me that he can reach down and reach the players because they’ve played hard through everything that’s happened to this basketball team this season. I think he’s the one."

Stevens came to the Celtics after experiencing tremendous success with Butler. But he quickly found the college an NBA games are vastly different, especially the schedules.

"He had a month to prepare his collegiate team," says Heinsohn. "He had five days before the first pre-season game."

All-in-all, Stevens has done a good job in his first year on an NBA sideline. He's had to handle some tricky situations, but has demonstrated that he can hang with the big boys.