Grande on Rondo: ‘Went through same thing with Pierce’

Grande on Rondo: ‘Went through same thing with Pierce’
September 1, 2014, 1:15 am
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Does Rajon Rondo want to take his talents elsewhere?

In a behind-the-scenes clip from ESPN's Around the Horn, Jackie MacMullan said Rondo doesn't want to stick around for the rebuilding process.

"It will happen because he's told them, he wants out," MacMullan said in the clip. "No one believes me, but that's the truth." 

Sean Grande joined Sports Sunday to discuss MacMullan's Rondo's reported desire to leave Boston. 

"Has anything changed involving Rajon Rondo? Absolutely not," said Grande. "Is it a worthwhile topic? It is, because it's going to go on over the course of this season.

Grande points out that he has seen this situation unfold in the past.

"Those who study history are doomed to repeat it," explained Grande. "When you get to be old enough, you've lived through the history. I seem to remember 8-9 years ago we went through the exact same thing with Paul Pierce. With the Celtics in a transitional phase, is Paul Pierce going to stay here for the long-term? 

"Does he want to go through four or five years of a rebuilding process? Nobody does. Does he want to test free agency because he hasn't yet? Sure he does.  But this is going to hang over this team all year."

If Rondo does want to leave, what could possibly convince the point guard to stay?

"I think he has to be convinced that this is a place where the Celtics can win in the next couple years," said Grande. "Here's the thing, regardless of what happens here the Celtics are going to have cap room in 2016."