Grande: 'I think Carmelo is ready to win'

Grande: 'I think Carmelo is ready to win'
June 5, 2014, 9:00 am
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In March, The Sports Hub's Sean Grande said the following:

"7 years ago I was selling anyone that would listen on Kevin Garnett and everyone thought I was crazy. Everyone. Imagine what it's going to be like this summer when I say the same thing about Carmelo."

Now that Carmelo's name is back in the conversation, Grande joined Sports Tonight to explain 

"Kevin Garnett was a longshot in 2007." said Grande. "This is a much bigger longshot… Everybody was talking about the draft as if there was going to be a slow rebuild, and maybe it will be. But nobody was considering this three months ago as an option for the Celtics, when it was very much on the table.

"I remember the poll in the Boston Herald seven years ago." continued Grande. "81% of the people in this town were against the Celtics trading Al Jefferson for Kevin Garnett."

Grande believes Carmelo is ready for a big change.

"I believe, maybe I'm in the minority, I think Carmelo is ready to win."