Big Baby Davis: Doc Rivers overrated, 'lucky as hell' with Celtics

Big Baby Davis: Doc Rivers overrated, 'lucky as hell' with Celtics

Big Baby Davis is off that Doc tip, man. 

Appearing on “In the Zone with Chris Broussard,” the former Celtics big man expressed his frustrations with Doc Rivers, under whom he won the only NBA title of his career. 

Glen Davis, who was a rookie when the Celtics beat the Lakers for the NBA title in 2007-08, said that Rivers is overrated as a coach and that he was too harsh on him as a player. 

This came about when Broussard asked Davis why he feels Rivers hasn’t taken a talented Clippers team -- where Davis spent the last two seasons of his career -- past the second round since leaving the Celtics.   

“Because what Doc had in ’08 was special and he was lucky as hell. Lucky as hell. The year before that, they was wearing trash bags. [He could have gotten fired and] nobody would [make] a peep. 

“But then the next year they win it. Now he’s one of the best coaches ever? I’m just not feeling that. You know what I mean? You give credit to KG. You give credit to Paul Pierce. You give credit to Ray Allen. Those are the guys that made sure whatever Doc needed to be done got done.

“And so now it’s easy for Doc to do his job. And then you give credit to Danny Ainge. That’s the one you give credit to, because I know multiple times he had to talk to Doc, just to say, ‘Hey Doc, leave 'em alone. Hey Doc, ease up.’ 

“Like there’s points where you ease up. I would play good games and Doc wouldn’t even give me, ‘Hey, what up?’ I’d play a great game and he’d be, ‘Go do it again.’ You know, you want to hear that, ‘Hey, great job, kid. Good job, man. Keep it up,’ but not, ‘Go do it again.’

“I’m off that Doc tip, man. He’s a great guy but as far as that basketball stuff but I try to leave it…”

Broussard then cut in to ask if Rivers was overrated as a coach, to which Davis responded, “I think so, yeah.”

Davis, who played four seasons for the Celtics before being traded to the Magic, called his time in Boston a “great run” and said the Celtics teams on which he played “were like the Beatles.” He added that he felt the team should have won “at least two” more championships when he was there. 

“It was one of the best times of my life, man, being in Boston and sharing that,” Davis said. “That’s why I’ve got to love Doc, because he was a part of that. But as far as that other stuff? No.”