Garnett: Rondo's potential is limitless


Garnett: Rondo's potential is limitless

On media day, Kevin Garnett described his relationship with Rajon Rondo -- who he calls "Shorty" -- and it sounds like a friendship that has come a long way.

"When he needs advice on things I give him my perspective," Garnett said. "I take him through a couple scenarios in which I've been through. I think I've been through damn near everything that you can go through in the NBA. So he trusts that."

Garnett explained that Rondo is very similar to him in that he can also be stubborn. But as they've spent more and more time together, they've come to understand each other better.

"When I first got here he was on his own," Garnett said. "He looked at things differently. He was young."

To hear more about Garnett's thoughts on Rondo and the point guard's room for improvement, watch the video above.