Garnett plays name game with Celtics rookies


Garnett plays name game with Celtics rookies

Rookiesgo through a transitional period during their first season in the NBA. On the Boston Celtics, part of that experience is how they are addressed by Kevin Garnett. As the five Celticsrookiesshared with, first names are a rarity with the veteran leader.

Fab Melo:The Youngin. He calls everybody Youngin. Oh, and Melo. He calls me by my last name . . . He never calls me Fab. I dont really care about that stuff. In Brazil, we dont care. We call first name, last name, it doesnt really matter. I dont mind.

Dionte Christmas:He called me Temple (Christmas alma mater, Temple University). It was cool, it was alright. I respect it.

Jared Sullinger:Youngin.

Jamar Smith:He calls me something different every day Young Fella, Youngin, 'A.' He called me 'A' because he thinks so fast, hes always talking. He calls everybody all kind of names. He hasnt called me by my first name yet. He knows my name. When were talking, when were in the locker room, hell be like, Smith! But for the most part on the court, Youngin and Young Fella.

Kris Joseph:Rook, Young Fella, Youngin, three names. Im assuming he knows my name, but those are the three names he does call me.

Thomas (hip) feeling better, but still no determination on surgery

Thomas (hip) feeling better, but still no determination on surgery

BOSTON –  Brad Stevens said Isaiah Thomas (hip) is feeling better, but no decision has been made on whether the two-time All-Star will have surgery.

“He’s doing some rehab work out there with his people in Seattle,” Stevens told a pool reporter during Thursday night’s NBA draft. “He’s getting ready to host his Zeke-end (basketball tournament), which is a big deal for him.”

Thomas, who led all players in the Eastern Conference with a 28.9 points per game average, suffered a right hip injury in Boston’s second-round series against Washington but continued to play through it.

However, the injury only worsened and ultimately led to him being unable to return in the second half of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against Cleveland which ended in five games.

Stevens said no decision has made yet as to whether Thomas will require surgery.

“He has his follow-up appointment here in a couple of weeks to determine next course of action,” Stevens said. “And nothing’s determined after that. He hasn’t done a lot, physically, and will be off his feet until that next appointment, or won’t be doing any basketball.”