Garnett could face suspension for fouls


Garnett could face suspension for fouls

By A. Sherrod Blakely

PHOENIX Doc Rivers was tossed in Boston's 88-71 loss to Phoenix on Friday night, and the Celtics or their fans certainly didn't like to see that happen.

But when you look at the big picture, it's not that big a deal.

However, Kevin Garnett's ejection might become an issue.

Garnett was hit with a pair of technical fouls - one for arguing with Channing Frye after he fouled him, and the second for making contact near Frye's waist.

If the league views Garnett's contact as a punch thrown - which seems highly unlikely, based on the replay - they could potentially suspend him for Sunday's highly anticipated matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rivers watched the play inside the locker room, and said he was surprised by the officials call.

"I thought Channing Frye was the instigator," Rivers said. "Kevin didn't jump in Channing's face. I thought Channing Frye jumped in Kevin's face. I don't know how we get a throw-out on that."

Rivers was reminded of the blow near Frye's waist that was delivered by Garnett.

"If that did happen, it would only be like the 20th time it probably happened in the game," Rivers said. "You see it all the time; guys poke at your stomach. Come on. If that's what gets a guy upset, then they're a really tough guy."

Celtics guard Ray Allen has taken his share of hits above, around and below the waist.

As an NBA shooter, Allen believes it just comes with the territory.

"I've trained where people hit me on the waist; people put me in situations where they're tugging me. I just follow through on my shot like I normally would," Allen said. "Guys try to sell it with the referees. Guys fall down and act like they're dead."

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