Felger: 'Great day for the league'

Felger: 'Great day for the league'
July 11, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Cross Michael Felger off the list of LeBron haters.

The normally cranky co-host of "The Felger & Mazz" show on 98.5 The Sports Hub got all warm and fuzzy in reacting the news that LeBron James has decided to take his talents back to where they all began.

"What a great story. What a great day for the NBA," Felger said. "I don't think the NBA has enough of them. I don't if he's a good guy, but it's a great day for the league."

LeBron spurning the Miami Heat for a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers -- four years after breaking Cleveland's heart with "The Decision'' -- has won Felger over

"I know you all feel your own way and I don't know if it has changed your mind about the person or not. It has for me a little bit," Felger said. "Not taking away anything he may have done in the past, but I have a ton of respect for this move. It makes me feel good about LeBron and I've never felt good about LeBron...Now that it's happended I do feel differtly about him."