Fact or Fiction: Love will be a Celtic?

Fact or Fiction: Love will be a Celtic?
June 6, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Kevin Love to Boston? Our Celtics Talk TV Crew - CSNNE.com C's Insider A. Sherrod Blakely, CSNNE.com's Jimmy Toscano and SportsNet Central's Kyle Draper - weigh in on whether the rumors are fact or fiction.

Toscano: "Fact. Why would he come to Boston and hang out all day, and take pictures, get to know the people, get to know the city and hang out with [Rajon] Rondo at Fenway? And go to Strega Waterfront - where all the Celtics players go, by the way. Why would you do those things just out of the blue?

"I think the Celtics are obviously interested. They have all the pieces. They can send [Jared] Sullinger. They can send [salary] cap relief, draft picks. I will say this as an absolute fact. Whoever trades for Kevin Love, will sign Kevin Love."

Blakely: "You're wrong...It's NOT HIS CHOICE where he goes. He will have a say, but ultimately [Timberwolves team president and coach] Flip Saunders will do what he thinks is best for the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. When you look at the teams that will make a run at him, teams like at Chicago, teams like Houston - Houston, in particular, has more talent to offer. Chicago, I think, has talent and a couple of assets that they'd be interested in. Boston has picks. That's pretty much it. If you're rebuilding that's the way to go... Ultimately, knowing Flip Saunders the way I do, he's going to look for a little bit of both - players and some picks - which is why I think Chicago is Boston's biggest threat.

Draper: "I agree with Sherrod in terms of this being fiction. While the Celtics have the draft picks, there's a report out there that Minnesota isn't exactly enamored with the players. Sullinger's a nice player, but is he a championship-caliber player? A starter for years to come? You look at a team like Golden State, who has pieces to offer, Chicago, Houston. I think what will happen is Flip Saunders will go to Kevin Love with a list and say, 'Here are five teams were interested in trading you to.' We already know Kevin Love [from UCLA] likes Oakland, likes California, likes Chicago. All great cities."

Blakely: "The other thing you have to be mindful of is the whole purpose behind him wanting to move...If he wants to win right now, you look at Chicago. You look you look at Houston, at Golden State. Clearly, you already have the pieces in place to be an elite team."

Toscano: "But he's going to have an easier chance of winning in the East than the West..."

Watch the video for the complete discussion.