Even trade No. 1 overall pick for Love?

Even trade No. 1 overall pick for Love?
May 19, 2014, 2:15 am
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The Kevin Love rumors are swirling, and the Boston Celtics are in the middle of them.

If the C's were to land the number one overall draft pick, should they still use it to trade for Kevin Love?

Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely joined Michael Felger on Sports Sunday to discuss whether or not he would use the pick to make a deal.

"Absolutely, that's the point of getting all those draft picks," said Blakely, "So you can go out and acquire a high impact, get it done kind of player. That's Kevin Love… Even number-one, I'm moving it."

Michael Felger agrees with Blakely.

"I don't want to see some 19-year-old kid come in here and win 19 games" said Felger, "It's bad for business… I can't do another year in the lottery."

Blakely points out the difference between Love and a young player coming out of the draft.

"Kevin Love is a known commodity," said Blakely, "You're going to get a guy that got 65 double-doubles last year, more than the entire Celtics team, combined. And frankly, he's only 25-years-old."