Doctor: Surgery should help Sullinger


Doctor: Surgery should help Sullinger

Jared Sullinger made the right move in having back surgery immediately, thinks Dr. Sean Rockett of Orthopedics New England.

"If it's a straightforward disc, which is what it sounds like from the reports, then yeah, it could make him feel much more comfortable out there and he may have no further issues in the future," Rockett told Gary Tanguay on 'Sports Sunday'.

When asked by Tanguay if Sullinger's weight could hamper his rehab, Rockett said: "Any time you do a disc surgery there is a risk of degeneration in the future, many years in the future. Add into that a few extra pounds and that can lead to degenerative changes, which are sort of arthritic changes. But hopefully we won't be seeing those for a long time to come.'

And will he recover in time for the playoffs?

"I wouldn't bet on it, no."