Doc 'didn't agree' with Allen's reasons for leaving


Doc 'didn't agree' with Allen's reasons for leaving

Doc Rivers admits he's "disappointed" in Ray Allen's decision to leave the Celtics for Miami, but says Allen's departure "doesn't change the way I feel about him".

Our relationship wont change, Rivers said Saturday night at Rollins College as he watched a practice session for the Celtics' summer-league team.

At the end of the day he was great for us here, and thats all you can say. Clearly we would have liked him to stay with us, but I respect Ray, and that will never go away.

Rivers said Allen had "his reasons for leaving," but wouldn't go into them. ("I'm sure he'll express those with the media.") He did say, however, that he didn't agree with them.

"No, I didnt agree, but that doesnt matter," he said. "It doesnt matter what I think. I just wish we could have found a way to sign Allen, and we didnt. Always put it on us its easier.

Rivers hinted that Allen may have been offended that the Celtics made re-signing Kevin Garnett their top offseason priority, rather than re-signing him.

"Kevin Garnett was our focal point, and he should have been," said Rivers. "If that got anyone ruffled, then thats probably too bad . . . He probably got bent sideways a bit by us courting Kevin. I really dont know, honestly."

Rivers said the Celtics also "recruited" Allen -- "Danny Ainge in particular did exactly what he should have done" -- and added, "We did everything we were supposed to do."

He talked to me. It was a good talk, Rivers said. You know how I am. A guy makes his mind up, Im not going to try and change it. I respect him for all he did for us, and I thought he should have stayed with us. Actually, you just have to let it go.

Ainge: 'Nothing that was good enough to do' at trade deadline

Ainge: 'Nothing that was good enough to do' at trade deadline

Danny Ainge may have been busy in the days leading up to the trade deadline, but 3 p.m. came and went Thursday without the Celtics making a single move to improve their roster for the stretch run. 

Speaking to reporters after the deadline, the Celtics president of basketball operations said that none of his discussions proved to yield a deal worth making. 

“Ultimately, we had a lot of conversations,” Ainge said. “There’s things that we can do to improve our team, but nothing that was good enough to do. 

Ainge, who was rumored to be in talks for Indiana’s Paul George, among others, said it’s “hard to say” how close he came to finalizing any sort of trade. 

“I think that it takes two teams, so a lot of times we don’t know how close,” Ainge said. “A lot of times it’s very easy to tell that teams are very far apart, but a lot of discussion, good conversation, lot of rumors that were true, lot of rumors that weren’t true.”

Ainge did not specify what exactly the C’s were looking to add, saying only, “We’re looking to improve our team.” He said that it’s well-understood what value the Nets’ first-round pick holds throughout the league. The C’s reportedly were willing to include the pick in a trade for George before the Pacers decided against trading the player. 

Boston’s lack of moves makes it less likely the second-place C’s can catch the Cavaliers and enter the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. 

“Like we’ve said all year, we won’t put a ceiling on this team, but we haven’t seen the best of this team; I’m confident,” Ainge said. “I do believe that there’s more to play better and healthier. Our whole team hasn’t been intact for very many games. We’ve had our starting five I think for less than 20, but our whole team hasn’t been healthy for very many games the whole year. 

“As you guys have been watching lately, we’ve been winning a lot of games with everybody contributing. Players 10 through 15 are contributing to our wins, so we like the depth the team, we like the youth of the team, we like the energy and enthusiasm of our team, and I’m very anxious and excited to watch them the second half of the year.” 

Blakely: Celtics make a healthy choice in standing pat at the deadline

Blakely: Celtics make a healthy choice in standing pat at the deadline

BOSTON -- For the second year in a row, the NBA trade deadline has come and gone with the Boston Celtics making no moves.
The Celtics were focused on trying to land either Chicago’s Jimmy Butler or Indiana’s Paul George, but Boston’s efforts never gained momentum in the final hours leading up to Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

And while there were a handful of potential deals that would have made Boston slightly better, that improvement -- and the cost attached to it -- was just more than Ainge and the Celtics were willing to pay. 
And so they hit the final stretch of the season with a roster that – for now at least – looks identical to what they had at the start of the season with one difference --health. 
Most of this season, the Celtics have had multiple players out with injuries or various ailments. Currently, Avery Bradley (right Achilles) is the lone Celtic dealing with a significant injury. 
And after Bradley practiced some on Thursday, there’s a chance that he might be on the floor Friday night at Toronto. 
But there is no question that a significant segment of Celtics Nation is disappointed that Boston didn’t engineer a trade of some sort.
“We’re trying to upgrade our team,” said Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations. “But it is a delicate balance between short-term goals and long-term goals. Obviously, both are very important. We’re excited where we are on a long-term basis. And this year we didn’t make any trades. Last year we didn’t make any trades.”
But in standing pat a year ago, the Celtics solidified their salary cap space to where they could have offered a pair of max contracts to Al Horford – which they did – as well as Kevin Durant who met with Boston but ultimately decided to sign with Golden State. 
And by not including their first-round pick last season, the Celtics have Jaylen Brown who is one of the better rookies in this year’s class. 
“So we’re happy with the direction that we’re moving,” Ainge said. 
But standing pat was not on the agenda for the teams surrounding Boston in the East.
Boston’s inability to strike a deal is in sharp contrast to what teams surrounding them did during this trade season. 
The Cleveland Cavaliers are the team Boston and the rest of the East are chasing. They acquired Kyle Korver earlier this month, a player who ranks among the NBA’s all-time great 3-point shooters. 
Washington added Bojan Bogdanovic from Brooklyn today, providing some much-needed firepower for a Wizards second unit that ranks among the NBA’s lowest scoring groups. 
Toronto recently traded for Orlando’s Serge Ibaka, giving the Raptors a defensive-oriented big man who can stretch the floor. 
Also today, the Atlanta Hawks picked up Ersan Illyasova from Philadelphia, which should help them space the floor better.
Each of those teams addressed a very specific need, something the Celtics were hoping to do. 
But more than a player, the Celtics could benefit from a roster with improved health. 
The team’s preferred starting five -- Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Al Horford and Amir Johnson -- has a 15-6 record this season. To put that in perspective, that’s a winning percentage of .714 which would be tops in the East and third overall in the NBA for this season. 
And with most of the players seemingly back to full strength health-wise now, it’s understandable to some extent why Ainge would be willing to stick with this group for the rest of the season. 
“As you’ve been watching lately, we’ve been winning a lot of games with everybody,” Ainge said. “Players ten through fifteen contributing to our wins. We like the depth of the team, we like the youth of the team, we like the energy and enthusiasm of the team and I’m very anxious and excited to watch in the second half.”
But just like when they stood pat last year, the decision puts the onus on the players and the coaching staff to step their game up. 

“I roll with the guys in this locker room until something changes,” Isaiah Thomas said prior to the trade deadline. “I always mean that.”
Said Jae Crowder: “We have to take care of what we can control and that’s night-in and night-out, try to get wins.”