Doc 'didn't agree' with Allen's reasons for leaving


Doc 'didn't agree' with Allen's reasons for leaving

Doc Rivers admits he's "disappointed" in Ray Allen's decision to leave the Celtics for Miami, but says Allen's departure "doesn't change the way I feel about him".

Our relationship wont change, Rivers said Saturday night at Rollins College as he watched a practice session for the Celtics' summer-league team.

At the end of the day he was great for us here, and thats all you can say. Clearly we would have liked him to stay with us, but I respect Ray, and that will never go away.

Rivers said Allen had "his reasons for leaving," but wouldn't go into them. ("I'm sure he'll express those with the media.") He did say, however, that he didn't agree with them.

"No, I didnt agree, but that doesnt matter," he said. "It doesnt matter what I think. I just wish we could have found a way to sign Allen, and we didnt. Always put it on us its easier.

Rivers hinted that Allen may have been offended that the Celtics made re-signing Kevin Garnett their top offseason priority, rather than re-signing him.

"Kevin Garnett was our focal point, and he should have been," said Rivers. "If that got anyone ruffled, then thats probably too bad . . . He probably got bent sideways a bit by us courting Kevin. I really dont know, honestly."

Rivers said the Celtics also "recruited" Allen -- "Danny Ainge in particular did exactly what he should have done" -- and added, "We did everything we were supposed to do."

He talked to me. It was a good talk, Rivers said. You know how I am. A guy makes his mind up, Im not going to try and change it. I respect him for all he did for us, and I thought he should have stayed with us. Actually, you just have to let it go.

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

Don't roll your eyes at the NBA's emoji tweets -- they're the best

On Wednesday, 👀aiah Thomas was up to his old tricks, sending out a cryptic tweet containing only the hourglass emoji. 

This followed Thomas’ infamous Monday night tweet of the eyes emoji, the same tweet he had sent just prior to the Celtics signing Al Horford in free agency.

Like Monday’s tweet, the internet dug into what the hourglass could mean, with a leading theory pointing out that the logo on Paul George’s new sneakers resembles a sideways hour glass. Or Thomas could completely be messing with us. 

Side-note, by the way: Basketball Twitter has it all over the other sports' Twitters. Football and baseball Twitter are generally lame because of years spent by the respective leagues with sharing video. Hockey Twitter is great but can be insufferable. Basketball Twitter rocks, though. The jokes are the best, the memes are the best, the people are the best. Plus Woj is there. Love that guy. 

Anyway, the point is that, yes, reading into what emojis grown men are sending out is a waste of time, but we’re talking about Twitter, which essentially has three purposes: reporting, freaking out about Trump and wasting time. 

Most people on Twitter are not reporters. Not all of them freak out about Trump. Wasting time is allowed by all, so really what’s the difference between tweeting emoji theories and sports fans giving you their takes on how teams to whom they have no connections will think? It’s all garbage. At least the emojis are cute. 

Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move


Five reasons standing pat may be Celtics' best move

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