Debate: How did Sterling prosper in NBA for so long?

Debate: How did Sterling prosper in NBA for so long?
April 30, 2014, 9:00 am
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Now that Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA, the question remains, how did he get away with his behavior for so long?

Dalen Cuff and Steve Buckley joined Sports Tonight to discuss the topic.

Buckley brings up the ownership Tom Yawkey, who Michael Felger described as a "known, vile racist."

"When Yawkey owned the [Red Sox] he was protected by the media. He was protected by Major League Baseball. He was protected by the other owners." compared Buckley, "There was no social media back then, there was no tape recordings… It was a real bad situation in Boston sports history that has gone unreported until recent years."

If there was no tape of Donald Sterling's comments, would this discussion be happening?

"People have been talking about this guy for thirty years." said Cuff, "If there is no audio, if there is no one saying the word, 'I don't want you having black people here' over and over… that helped us to be like, 'this guy has got to go.'